Thursday, 31 January 2013

The next step: Clomid, IUI and IVF

Well the ball is officially rolling. I had my follow up appointment with our Fertility Specialist this morning and was really nervous about what he was going to say. It has been a bit over 4 months since we were told to go away and try naturally after my laparoscopy and I was worried he would just tell me to keep trying. I wasn't keen on the thought of Clomid as it had not been successful for friends of mine and while I didn't want to jump the gun straight to IVF I also dreaded the thought of a long and drawn out process of less invasive treatments that ended in IVF anyway. The appointment didn't take very long and after some quick questions about "how things have been going" and a check of my most recent 21-day progesterone test (it was 37- woohoo!) the doctor asked how I felt about IUI. I said I didn't like the success rates and he responded by saying the success rates for fertility treatment in general weren't good. I don't know how the conversation changed to cattle but he did mention that a cow that took more than 2 or 3 attempts to get pregnant it would have its head removed!!! I laughed and told him that I hoped he didn't do that to me! After some discussion we agreed that I would do 1-2 clomid cycles to boost ovulation and support my luteal phase (progesterone on the second cycle if I spotted on the first), followed by 1 or 2 IUI's (the second only if I agreed) and then move onto IVF if there was still no sign of a BFP. Everything was quickly explained by one of the nurses and I was given a script for 50g Clomid and a pathology request for my husband to check his Vitamin D levels and a few other things. All in all I left feeling positive and hopeful. I start my first round of Clomid on Day 5 of my next cycle- which is in less than 2 week. Fingers crossed :)

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