Tuesday, 30 July 2013

IVF # 2

Yep it's round 2! My husband and I saw our fertility specialist on Wednesday and we have a new protocol for our second IVF cycle. For our first IVF we had a long down regulation cycle with the oral contraceptive pill for one month followed by the nasal spray, 100-150u of Gonal-f and then prednisolone, progesterone and clexane after the embryo transfer. This time around we will be doing what our clinic calls a "Clomid/FSH cycle". As I am already over halfway into a monthly cycle I will start taking Primolut tomorrow for 7 days. I should then get my period after which I will take two tablets of Clomid per day for 5 days plus 200u of Puregon for 7 days. I will still be on Prednisolone and Clexane if and when we get to embryo transfer stage. The doctor said that he is hoping for quality rather than quantity this cycle as he was not happy with my egg quality last time.  I am hoping so much that this new protocol will produce a much more positive result. We are both on new supplements through a naturopath- I am on a high quality prenatal, fish oil, activated B-6, a probiotic and Vitamin-D drops, while my husband is on CoQ10, fish oil and a high quality paternal vitamin. My acupuncturist is away for 6 weeks but is due back the week we should be going in for egg retrieval. I feel a little nervous but mostly excited to be doing something again after 2 months off. I am in a good headspace this time around and even though I am not looking forward to the crazy hormones I am feeling...ready :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Feeling good :)

Time is passing. I find that being busy has made the days go quicker and even though I'm impatient to start the next IVF cycle I am trying to enjoy each day and be grateful for what I have. I have always had a tendency to concentrate on the destination and in doing so I often miss the beauty of what is happening right now. I'm enjoying the simple things in life a lot- a relaxing bath, the feeling of being stronger each day after I finish my workout, cooking a nice meal, watching a movie on the couch, having a clean house, paying a bit more of the mortgage, spending time with friends, getting a cuddle from my husband. I feel good- and even if tomorrow is not so great I'll take what I can get :)