Sunday, 7 April 2013

We are starting IVF!!!!!

Yep it is actually happening! After staying by the phone all last week I finally got the news late Friday afternoon that we would be starting the IVF process this month (April 2013) with the plan for egg retrieval (ER) and embryo transfer (ET) in May if everything goes to plan. My pharmacy was faxed a script for BCP's (birth control pills) on Friday evening and I rushed down to get them before the pharmacy closed. I started my first one on Sunday morning (7th April). At the moment I am waiting for my nurse to call back and arrange an appointment to discuss my protocol. I am excited but also realistic that this could be a challenging journey.

For those of you who have read my last post I did finally speak with my parents after my husband called my Dad to explain how I was feeling. While they didn't say the best things initially (my Dad commented that "maybe it's because you're stressed that you're not falling pregnant" and my mum made an insightful remark that they actually had been supportive but I was obviously perceiving things differently) they have since made more of an effort to talk about how things are going- which I really appreciate.

So for now it's IVF cycle one in May :)

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