Monday, 30 September 2013

A new doctor and a uterine biopsy

Yesterday I visited another clinic to see a doctor who specialises in the more controversial area of reproductive immunology. I had read about Natural Killer (NK) cells on different forums and noted that it tended to be a more common test in countries like the US and the UK. Here in Australia there are only two doctors that do the test- one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. I visited the doctor in Melbourne; Dr L (Monash IVF). He was straight to the point and after a few questions about my history and a flick through my thick folder of test results and procedures I was up on the examination table. I was expecting the biopsy to hurt a little but it hurt a LOT! Luckily it didn't take long and Dr L told me I did well. I bled quite a bit afterwards and felt quite crampy. I was given a pathology request form with a long list of tests that the doctor wanted me to have, which included some genetic tests that he also wanted my husband to be tested for. I went downstairs for the tests and was a little concerned when I saw the 18 vials they were going to fill with my blood. Yikes! I also had to provide two urine samples with one needing to be a mid-stream test. I'm sure I had less than 30ml in my bladder so I felt quite ridiculous handing in my jars afterwards. Luckily they said I had enough in the jars to be tested. So now I'm waiting until Friday for my results. I have to call Dr L and if my NK cells are high then I will have to have intralipid infusions as well as the prednisolone and clexane that I already take during my cycles. It is about 3 weeks until my FET and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I feel the hope that I always have for any month we try and on the other hand I feel apprehensive about the emotional drain that each cycle brings and the potential devastation I might feel if it doesn't work again...