Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sperm DNA fragmentation (SCSA) results

We just got my husbands sperm DNA fragmentation test results back and they were very good at only less than 5% fragmentation. The average is reportedly 15%. I am very happy to have another piece of the puzzle however it was quite hard to know beyond doubt that our infertility issues are purely from me. 

We will now wait and see what my FS says when he comes back from holidays. I know he suggested trying one last cycle with my own eggs so we may still do that even though we know the odds of success are low. We went into our most recent cycle not knowing how badly it would turn out so we may do one final cycle with the knowledge that this is our last shot. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not to others when I know logically our chances are slim but sometimes you just need that closure I think...

The good news about my husbands test results is that we know that egg donation is a great option for us as we have no male factor issues. If this next cycle fails we will definitely look into egg donation formally and consider embryo adoption as well. 

For now I am going to enjoy the long weekend. Happy Easter everyone :)


  1. Thank you for linking me up to your blog! I am going to ask my RE about running this test... though I have to admit that what you wrote in the first paragraph scares me quite a lot. I have been having such a hard time dealing with the probability that our IF is all my issues... such a hard thing to get to peace about.

  2. Hi CC :) Yes I have to say it was difficult accepting that this was completely me. It felt more "shared" when it was unexplained, but in saying that my husband has been very supportive. It is definitely a journey and I'm feeling more and more positive about egg donation. I'm on an egg quality regime of coq10, melatonin, fish oil and vitamin D plus I have restarted acupuncture. This will be our last cycle with our own eggs and I'll be relieved when it is done knowing that I have done everything I can to give my eggs the best chance. Obviously I am hoping it will work but if not I feel much better about the alternatives xoxoxo