Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ready to start our egg donor cycle :)

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front. I feel more hesitant to voice my feelings and experiences now that we have an egg donor involved as this is no longer a personal journey but one that is shared.   I haven't told our donor about the blog as I hope the fact that I'm anonymous will hopefully mean that this just remains my online diary of sorts. I have been blown away by the generosity of her and her partner to go through the appointments and sacrifices needed to do an IVF cycle altruistically for someone they didn't even know a few months ago. They are wonderful people and we just feel so lucky. The experience has been extremely positive overall- other than some nervousness at the start- and I really had nothing to worry about.

So we are now officially cycling in a few weeks. I've been on the pill and will 'down regulate' with synarel at the same time as my donor. Then when blood tests show that we have both 'down regd' she will stim and I will prepare my body in much the same way as a FET. I will still be on my NK cell treatment of intralipids, dexamethasone, clexane and aspirin.

I have to say I was expecting something to go wrong...waiting for the doctor to tell us it couldn't happen or that we would have to jump through more hoops or wait a few more months, but surprisingly everything went relatively smoothly. I still can't quite believe it's happening and it probably won't be until egg retrieval that I will start to feel excited :)

I have a good feeling about this...I don't usually say that (or feel that) but for some reason I just see this happening. Hopefully I'm right :)

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