Thursday, 22 March 2012

An ultrasound...

No it's not what you think. I wish :-) Two days ago I had an ultrasound to see if I could find out why I was spotting. It wasn't my first ultrasound. Way back in September I had an ultrasound after a particularly heavy bleed about a week after my period. The ultrasound indicated there may be a dermoid cyst and my gynacologist provided me with a referral to go back and have a repeat ultrasound. No explanation was given for my pre-period spotting and the gynacologist told me that I only had to go back for an ultrasound if I really wanted to. My GP felt there was no need so I left it. A few weeks ago I decided to go back to see if an ultrasound would find anything that may be contributing to my spotting. So there I was on Tuesday...less than thrilled that I had a student examining me with the vaginal ultrasound wand. She took a looooong time to find what she was looking for and I had to sit there while the actual ultrasound technician (is that what they're called?) sighed and literally banged her head against the wall in frustration as she explained what the student was supposed to do- it was obviously not the first time the younger lady had been told. I felt sorry for her but just bit my lip and hoped she got it over and done with quickly. They didn't find a dermoid cyst but they did see something else in my right ovary- a corpus luteum. In other words I had ovulated already or was just about to ovulate. It was only day 12 of my cycle and my OPK's had not shown anything! Aaaagh! The ultrasound technician said to me "You need to go home and have intercourse straight away". I had to laugh despite my concern that we may have missed our chance. While I was still lying there in a less-than-modest position she also said that my cycle obviously wasn't optimal for conception if I was spotting early and ovulating earlier than my OPK was showing. She suggested seeing a fertility specialist. I instantly thought back to my psychic appointment where I had been told that I may need assisted fertility treatments for one of my children. Needless to say I didn't take my time driving home after my appointment- ringing my husband from the parking lot before I left to make sure he was home. No complaints from him :-) So it's just fingers crossed now...I'll let you know how it goes.

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