Friday, 23 May 2014

The last time

Yep- I am stimming for the last time. This is it. If we don't get any viable embryos from this cycle we will stop and look at other options. We have decided it's all or nothing- we will take any embryos we've got to day 5 if we can but will not transfer any earlier, even if we only have one or two. I'm on low dose stims- only 112.5u Puregon and have not had any extra Menopur, testostone or human growth human added to the mix this time. I was supposed to start 3-4 weeks ago but my cycle just wasn't playing ball and I kept spotting so my doctor put me on the BCP for 3 weeks. AF arrived on the predicted day after I came off the pill and I'm now on day 6 of my cycle. I started orgalutran yesterday and will have bloods taken, my intralipid infusion administered and an ultrasound on Tuesday. I'm hoping the 4 months on melatonin, vitamin D, fish oil and CoQ10 help with my egg quality but we'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully the 10,000Hcg trigger shot also helps with egg quality compared to the 250 Ovidrel I've had before. This was a recommendation from Dr Sher in the US who I contacted on his online forum.

So it all comes down to this. The next few weeks will determine if I will have a biological child or not. It's a massive thing to get my head around but we couldn't logically keep flogging a dead horse (me being the horse). I want to send more time with my children and less time doing IVF. I don't know how we will have a family but I know if this next cycle doesn't work we need to invest our time, energy and money into options that are likely to bring us closer to having a family.

We know what avenue we are likely to go down next if this doesn't work but I'll leave that for another post if we need.

I don't know how I feel. I don't know how I feel...


  1. Hey Lovely. Will be following the next few weeks of your journey closely as think we will also do one last final cycle too [but have only just finished the dexa so will give it a month to get my poor old body back to normal] Still to see Dr N as app was cancelled [but he did say on the phone he wants to add the HGH this cycle..the price alone terrifies me!!!] Most interested in your research on the higher HCG trigger & will look into that too [thanks to you x] with Dr N when I see him in a week. Will you have the carbergoline again to prevent OHSS? Oh I am sending you HEAPS of love and luck and will think of you Tuesday [and Tuesday week I presume?!] Everything crossed that all the hard work of the last few months getting the egg quality up will pay off xxxx

  2. Hi Soph. Yes Dr Sher is a fairly big advocate for either 500 ovidrel or 10,000 HCG (Pregynl). He believes 250 ovidrel is just not enough to get the best quality eggs. There is a lot of great information in his website and forums :) My scan, intralipid and blood test is this Tuesday the 27th. I don't think I'll be on Cabergoline this time as I'm on really low dose stims. I only took it last time because I was on the verge of OHSS. Thanks for dropping by and I'll definitely keep you posted. Will have fingers crossed for you too xxx

  3. Have just read some of the blogs on his website...really informative. I will definitely be mentioning this. You never know it may be all you need to get your embryos to the next stage. Glad that Dr N is happy to change his protocol. He may change it altogether from now on if both of us request it in the space of a few weeks!! Good luck tomorrow xox