Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Egg retrieval update

I went in for egg retrieval early this morning and was wheeled through for the procedure around 9:30am. The anaesthetist had a little trouble getting a vein again and had to whack the back of my hand to find one. The needle went in fairly easy after that and after some happy drugs I was out like a light. I came out of the anaesthetic crying and emotional. The nurses asked if I was in pain but I shook my head and took some deep breathes to try and stop myself. I did not want to have a pity party but had an overwhelming feeling of "why is this so much easier for other people?". The nurse let me know that they had retrieved 16 eggs so that made me feel better. I needed a few bags of fluid before they would let me go so I watched as other people were wheeled in and out of the ward for about an hour or so. I was allowed to get dressed about 11:45am and went thought to meet my husband in the recovery room. The embryologist arrived shortly after and let us know that they had retrieved 15 (not 16) eggs. He said that they had 'stripped' 10 for ICSI and either 7 or 8 of those would be mature enough for attempted fertilisation. We were given the option of doing normal IVF on the remaining 5 but I felt it was better to have another one ICSI'd as we had a 0% normal fertilisation rate on our last batch of IVF'd eggs. After seeing the nurse I went to my acupuncture appointment- which was very relaxing. I napped most of this afternoon and am just in bed watching TV now. I am trying not to get too anxious about the embryologist report tomorrow and just hope more than anything that we have a better result than last time. Fingers and toes are crossed x

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