Friday, 23 August 2013

Embryo transfer :)

I feel we're the closest we've ever been at the moment. Yesterday we were very nervous to hear about how our little embies had gone overnight and it was a huge relief to hear from the embryologist that we had five embryos that were all at 4 cell stage- which is where they should be at day 2. For those who haven't read previous posts we transferred a 3 cell embryo on day 2 for our last IVF as this was the best of the four that we had (the other three embryos had been 2 cell). We had a BFN that cycle and none to freeze so we were beyond excited to have one good one to transfer this cycle and at least 4 to freeze!!! We had to wait a while as our doctor was delayed in surgery and when he came in it was all over fairly quickly. The procedure was more painful this time as the doctor knocked my cervix and made it bleed. It was fine though and it just felt like the biggest weight off our shoulders to have our beautiful little "back up" embryos on ice. The embryologist said that the other embryos that were still a little behind (at 3 and 2 cell) may still catch up and that they would leave them until day 5 or 6 to see if they made it to blastocyst stage- in which case they would freeze them too. I had an acupuncture appointment before and after my transfer and I felt quite relaxed by the time we went home. Even though my doctor does not prescribe bed rest I decided to stay in bed for most of the evening watching movies. I have a battle going inside my head about moving too much vs not enough as my acupuncturists have always said I have "stagnant blood" and that movement helps bring blood flow to the uterus. Today I will move around a little more and might go for a gentle walk tomorrow. My husband and I decided to tell a few close friends/workmates about the transfer but tell our family that the transfer was delayed until September or October (we were pretty vague on the reasons). Our decision was based on the fact that we felt we didn't want any pressure on us during the 2WW and also that if we didn't have great news that we could deal with that ourselves without having to manage the disappointment of our family members. The other reason was that if we wre lucky enough to have good news that we could actually surprise our families in the same way that other people get to do when they're not going through fertility treatments. I still felt awful when it came time to actually lying but I tried to keep it positive and focus on how excited we were to have embryos to freeze (which was the truth at least). So now we wait. I will try and stay distracted and take it easy. I have another acupuncture appointment next week and will keep up the healthy eating and gentle exercise. I have to take clexane, prednisolone and progesterone every day and will keep up my supplements. I just know that no matter what we are one step closer :)

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