Saturday, 23 November 2013

6dp2dt...mind games of the 2WW

Ohhhhhh the wonderful two week wait. A time of over-analysing everything you do and feel. Am I moving around too much or not enough? Am I eating enough protein or so much that it will affect my liver qi? Can I drink this cold drink or will it pull warmth away from my uterus? How much caffeine is actually in a small piece of chocolate? If I just eat half a chocolate ball will that be ok? Is my pessary just leaking the wax coating or is all the progesterone coming out too? Did my cat just jump too hard on my stomach? Did I get too hot when I went for that walk? Should I put sunscreen on when I go outside or do I need the vitamin D? If I wear sunscreen then do I still take my vitamin D supplement? Aaaaarrrgh!!!!! I'm trying to keep distracted and relaxed but it is nearly impossible. There is so much riding on an IVF cycle...and so much responsibility as the person carrying your precious embryo. Oh how I hope this is the time it works. I hope we can be pregnant for Christmas. We've decided to test next weekend at home before the beta blood test on Monday 2nd December. Please let the time go fast...

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