Sunday, 19 January 2014

Back from transfer :)

Things rarely go smoothly but I'm happy to say that we had a successful double embryo transfer today. I received a call from one of the embryologists this morning to say that our 5 cell embryo had thawed 100% but our 4 cell embryo had lost two of its cells. I was immediately concerned about the viability of the embryo but the clinic explained that as long 50% or more of the cells are retained after thaw they will proceed with transfer. I continued to worry after I got off the phone and couldn't help but feel that we were really only going to be having a single embryo transfer as I didn't feel the second embryo would have a chance. I did some googling and cried when my husband came home. I knew I was so lucky to have one good embryo but we were so excited about a double transfer after three failed single transfers that I really felt like we needed to go into this cycle with everything we had. My lining was great, I had been exercising regularly and eating well and just felt like I was in a really great place for this cycle. After some rushed discussion I rang the clinic back and asked them to thaw our final embryo. I knew they wouldn't allow a triple transfer but asked that they thaw a third embryo and then we would transfer the better out of that one and the two cell. Whichever was left we would re-freeze if this could be done. The clinic agreed but informed us that re-freezing and thawing an embryo is not usually recommended. I was still playing the decision back and forth in my head on the way to the clinic but my husband and I both agreed that we wanted to put the best embryos back. The embryologist called when we were in the car to say that the final embryo had thawed very well and retained its 4 cells and 7/10 grading. It was an easy decision to transfer that embryo instead of the 2-cell embryo although I still felt a bit like we were rejecting this little 'being'. The transfer went smoothly and we were told not to get our hopes about the 2-cell embryo. I told the clinic to call my husband with news about the final embryo as I wasn't sure if I wanted to know. On one hand I would be happy if it grew to blast as we would have this in the bank but on the other hand if it grew I would regret not putting it back in- especially if this cycle is anther fail. So now I'm at home putting my Feet up and watching a movie. I don't do strict bed-rest as I like the idea of blood moving around to nourish the uterus but I also don't like doing too much either. I'll take it easy today but get up and move around a bit more tomorrow to do some light things around the house. I don't have to go back to work until next week so will enjoy as much rest and relaxation as I can :)

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