Friday, 10 January 2014

Preparing for FET #2 (cycle 4)

Today was my second intralipid infusion- I had my first infusion before the last unsuccessful FET in November. They had trouble again with my veins today; I explained to the nurse how everyone always started with my inner elbow and then eventually moved to the back of my hand and she thankfully listened. A combination of a heat-pack, hanging my arm down low, whacking the back of my hand and using a tourniquet allowed the nurse to insert the cannula after only a few painful attempts. She seemed confident with the protocol and started the saline flush followed by the milky white intralipid solution. I felt a bit of pain at the cannula site over the next few hours and became quite tired and sleepy but otherwise I quite enjoyed reading magazines, playing games on my Ipad and generally surfing the net. It was very quiet in the day surgery as many of the surgeons were still on holidays but I did hear three women coming out of anaesthetic after their egg retrievals and one man waking up from some other sort of procedure. I chatted with the nurses a lot who were all obviously enjoying having a less hectic schedule. The infusion allowed tiny feelings of hope and excitement to creep back in. I knew it meant I was getting closer to a transfer and the thought of two embryos in my womb in a few weeks made me smile. These thoughts are of course always followed by my automatic instinct to guard my heart and reason with myself that "if this doesn't work then we'll move on to the next plan..." etc. 
Aside from the intralipid infusion I am currently taking Dexamathasone, Synarel nasal spray and Progynova.  If my scan looks good next Friday I will also start Progesterone pessaries and Clexane injections. I feel like an old-hand at this stuff now and it's funny how quickly all this IVF stuff becomes so normal. It is so strange that my husband doesn't blink an eye when I yell out "Have I had my Dex?" or let him know that I have to go and do my vaginal pessary. Typing these things makes my laugh and I'm glad to be in a good head-space in the lead up to this cycle. I know it's going to be tough but I'll take these positive feelings whenever they drop by.

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