Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Egg retrieval and early signs of OHSS

It's been a LONNNNNGGGG day. After negotiating the Melbourne traffic and arriving early at the clinic the morning crept by in a series of consultations, paperwork and waiting before I was led into surgery. It all started off well with the anaesthetist getting a vein almost straight away and after a short nap on the surgery table I woke to the news that we had got 26 eggs! I was groggy and sore but was expecting to feel better as time went on. Unfortunately the pain got worse and I starting feeling quite nauseated. I got my husband to retrieve a looser pair of pants from the car in the hope my tummy would feel less squished but when I was attempting to put them on I had a sudden urge to vomit. The lovely nurse quickly got me a spew bag and sat me down with a cold washer on my forehead. She put an anti-nausea drug under my tongue and it started to work almost straight away. I followed that up with a lemonade icy-pole and after speaking with another nurse about the possibility of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) and a script for Cabergoline we were eventually allowed to leave about 2pm. We had to find a pharmacy to fill the script and then a lunch place that had gluten and dairy free options for me to eat. I moved very gingerly when walking around and was relieved to finally get in the car around 3:30pm to start the 3-4 hour journey home. My poor husband was criticised every time he went over a bump or slowed down too quickly and I felt like a week had past by the time we finally arrived home a bit after 7pm. So now I'm resting up in bed and hoping like crazy that I don't develop OHSS. I'm nervous about our fertilisation report tomorrow but will hopefully have some good news to share :)

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  1. Oh wowowowow 26 eggs that's fantastic!!! Well done! You should get some lovely mature ones there..so pleased for you. Hopefully that was the last EVER stim cycle you will have to do. Carbergoline is a great drug. It makes you drowsy but works really well for OHSS [I started it on this last cycle too when I triggered] Look forward to an update tomorrow. Feel better, take care and sleep well x