Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Acupuncture and chinese medicine

Mmmmmmm....I've just returned from my acupuncure appointment and I feel great :-) My acupuncturist is very caring and I always feel as if she is very focused on me for the whole session. I started acupuncture early on in the TTC journey and am really starting to feel the benefits in the past month. I am sleeping better, feel less anxious and am generally more content. For those of you who haven't been to an acupuncture session I thought I would give a brief overview. My appointment always starts with a short consultation where my pulse is taken and I give an update on how I've been going. On more than one occasion I am on the verge of tears at this point if I have just had my period and one time I did actually cry. It's hard when you don't talk about trying to get pregnant to anyone besides your partner and then someone asks you the question directly.Today I felt great- I'm ovulating according to my OPK and BBT and feel less stressed than I have in a long time. Anyway, after the short consultation I have around 30 minutes of acupuncture followed by 10 minutes or so of Chinese cupping on my back and a short neck and shoulder massage. I end the session by topping up on my chinese medicine powder mix- which I take morning and night as a hot tea. I gagged on the tea when I first started drinking it but now I actually like it! During my appointments the needles themselves aren't really a problem- they hurt a little at first but then I barely feel them. I usually read books while the needles are in as I can't don't relax very easily when I have nothing to do. Today was the first time I didn't feel like reading as much and so tried to focus on breathing deeply and getting the most out of the experience. I love the massage- even though the cups can be a little firm in places when my acupunturist moves them up and down my back. It feels good to be doing something positive for my health and fertility and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't experienced acupunture or any other eastern medicine before. When I told my acupuncturist I felt content today she was very pleased and said that "contenment is a hard feeling to find and an even harder feeling to maintain". I know there will be dips again in the road ahead but at the moment I'm enjoying the feeling I have :-)

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