Thursday, 16 February 2012

A healthy mind and body

I'm feeling pretty positive today. I've decided that this month I'm really going to focus on being healthier and hopefully more relaxed. I'm going to exercise at least 5 days per week if possible...Mondays will be WiiFit, Tuesday will be Basketball, Wednesdays will be Yoga, and Thursdays will be running. Another run/yoga session on the weekend will round out the week. I'm also going to try meditating as often as I can. I've downloaded some relaxation music on my iphone and will start with an acheiveable length of time to start off with- maybe 3-5 minutes. I've tried meditation in the past and just can't seem to 'get it'. I know you're not supposed to TRY and just have to be mindful of your breath and all the rest. It's just so boring! My mind does not slow down or switch off easily and after 5 or 6 inhalations and exhalations my mind wanders to what I need to do on the way home/do at work tomorrow/my face is itchy etc. Visuals seem to help and I enjoy stories that allow my mind to focus on details. I figure that regular practice is likely to improve my ability to meditate; and maybe one day I'll even look love it! Anyway, I'm also trying to drink more water and reduce my sugar intake (I have a huge sweet tooth so this will be hard). So that's the plan. I'm not going to be too strict because- let's face it- additional pressure is counter-productive. I'm going to have a few wines at a friend's birthday this weekend and eat some cake if I really feel like it. It's not the perfect plan but an all organic, sugar free, low-fat diet just isn't realistic and I figure that a relatively healthy diet with a few treats is the best approach for me. I've been for my run tonight and have a cup of water beside my laptop while I type this post. Before bed I'm going to listen to a short meditation. Sending out positive thoughts to all on the TTC journey. Namaste :-)

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